Sprinter Van Conversions

Lilith’s provides complete custom design, fabrication and construction services for sprinter van conversion. Completely adapted to meet your requirements, finished with off-grid design and maintenance services for all your needs. One call does it all to have our licensed and certified technicians to give you peace of mind. For your sprinter van conversion requirements, call 1-604 690 6477.

Properly designed, installed and maintained van conversions reduce the cost of the lifestyle, the risk to your home or business, and maximize your freedom. We design for temperate to cold weather applications that adapt the cooling and insulation to match your specific requirements. Entirely self-sustained off-grid options are available too.

Weather for off grid stealth living or extensive travel, vans can be customized to suited and fit your personal needs from concept through design, construction to completion. We will work to meet your specific requirements and timeline.

Let us know how we can help – 1 604 690 6477.

Lilith’s Contracting is a female owned and operated company. Lilith’s is an LGBT friendly company. Since 2004 – Quality you can trust.